By the year 2002, Yuri Hovhannisyan had already established his reputation in Armenia, as a masterful designer and professional of gold jewellery. Master of precious and semi-precious stones, especially diamonds, having directed several jewellery industries in Armenia, Yuri learned his trade from the master of jewellery art, the founder of  Yerevan Jewellery Plant, Sargis Maghakyan.

Economist by profession Yuri Hovhannisyan, also known as Yuri Govelly, already a hard working skilled professional in the field, decided to venture into the jewellery industry and in 2002 he founded the Govelly Jewellery Company. Established with high passion and enthusiasm, Govelly has grown into a major force in the jewellery industry in the country.

Each piece of Govelly Jewllery is designed by Yuri himself. He personally follows the process of realization, interacting with jeweller-artisans and giving the right directions. This personal touch is what sets Govelly jewellery apart from  the competition in the market. From the very first drawings each style is analysed, developed and perfected to meet with the traditions and style Govelly has come to represent. The transformation of a drawing into a finished piece is left to the skilled hands of the craftsmen. Once a new style meets with their approval, the search for perfection and longing to improve the minutest of details continues as a never ending process.

Today Govelly brand is at the top jewellery sector in Armenia and enjoy success all over the country as the highest expression of elegant style and tradition.

Having worked for several years in the Diamond factory in Antwerp, Belgium, and influenced by European art of Jewellery, Yuri braids various styles to unleash a bold new line of elegant jewellery designed for women and men. That is the reason that although Govelly less than ten years old, it is already an established name in jewellery with a head office in Switzerland. A Swiss sensibility, glamorous yet timeless, is instilled into every piece.

A fashion maker, loving and living for jewellery, a Maestro who is always looking for both freedom and joy and giving asoul to his jewellery. Govellys designs characterize the eloquence of early twentieth century with inspirations that portray romance and elegance, while capturing modern fashion and luxury. 

Regardless of your choice each piece of jewellery created by experts, conforms to the highest standards of materials and workmanship. They have an outstanding array of bracelets and diamond bands, rings, earrings and necklaces, goblets and statues.

Make your world more beautiful and step with the time with Govelly Jewellery.



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